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Decorati Home Staging 

Decorati Staging and Design, LLC provides vacant and occupied home staging services to real estate professionals and homeowners who want to maximize profitability and minimize time on the market. 

Our approach to staging is to make each space appear more valuable than the asking price. We do this by having an inventory founded on high-end furnishings and accessories that appeal to a broad market. We work with our listing agents to understand the demographics and targeted buyers and adjust the stage accordingly.

Our offices are located in Southern Maryland. We provide staging services throughout the DMV.


What is the Staging Process?

Step 1: We have an initial phone call to determine the extent of your needs.

  • Consultation and written recommendations
  • Occupied or vacant staging
  • Specific rooms or whole house
  • Furniture and accessories rental needs


Step 2: Onsite visit to assess the property

  • Create written recommendations
  • Photograph the spaces
  • Measure for furniture placement
  • Pricing proposal
  • Schedule staging


Step 3: Staging

  • Signed Agreement
  • Delivery of furniture and accessories
  • Furniture/accessories placement

Step 4:  De-staging Bullets

  • Schedule removal date 
  • Discuss any furniture or accessories that the new homeowner plans to keep.
  • Prep remaining furniture and accessories for the removal  
  • Remove remaining furniture and accessories



Staging FAQ’s

Will Decorati visit the stage periodically to make sure that pictures are still straight and the bedding is nice and smooth?

At Decorati, we call that a "Fluff and Tease". We'll straighten pictures, shelving, art, bedding, fluffing and repositioning of blankets, pillows, and chairs. This service is provided at our hourly rate of $150 with a 3-hour minimum.  

How much does vacant home staging cost?

Our pricing can vary depending on the size of the staging project.
Below are some basic guidelines; however, each property is unique, and we may offer bundled pricing at a discounted rate.


  • Initial Consultation                              $250

Visit the property for assessment verbal and written recommendations for staging.
Includes up to 90 minutes of consultation and a written report and “To Do” checklist.


  • Per room staging                                $250-$750

Note:   An entrance foyer and powder room are the equivalent of one room

             A Master bedroom and master bath is the equivalent of one room

             A kitchen and an eat-in nook are the equivalent of one room


  • Occupied Home Staging

When an existing homeowner's furniture can be used, we can restyle the room and incorporate small pieces of furniture and accessories to finish the look. Costs for this type of home staging are typically less of the previously stated rates.

  • Furniture/Accessories Rental                         30%

Pricing can vary depending on the amount of furniture and accessories that are used in staging. As a guideline, the rental is typically 30% of the total staging fee. For example, if we stage 4 rooms with our furniture and accessories, the staging cost could be $3000, and furniture and accessories rental would be $900 per month.


What happens after the property sells?

Once the agent communicates that the property is sold and that the staging services are no longer needed, we will schedule a time to remove the furniture and accessories that were rented.


I like the furniture and accessories. Can I buy them for my new home?

Yes!! We can sell you the item that was used for staging or order it new and have it delivered to your new home.

Note: At Decorati Staging and Design, we like to stage your home so that it stands out from the other staged homes on the market.  In some instances, we may have one-of-a-kind pieces that are not for sale. Simply call us about the piece(s) you’d like to purchase. 301.392.3170


Why would we hire you over other staging companies in the area?

We are passionate about your home experience is a great one.  Selling can certainly be stressful, especially if your home stays on the market for a long period of time. Many staging companies, only use box store furniture and accessories. We typically use custom bedding, real mattresses, trade-only furniture, lighting, art, and accessories that make a difference! We want a buyer to aspire to live in your home. We help you accomplish that by creating a curated look that is unique and memorable, highlighting the best features your home has to offer.


What are your qualifications?

Our stagers are trained by Home Staging Resource.

We are members of the Real Estate Stagers Association (RESA)